What Am I Getting Into?

As a volunteer, you will need to provide a DD-214 or other documentation showing you are serving or have successfully served in the regular, National Guard, or Reserve component of the US Armed Forces. Some jurisdictions require a criminal background check. Nothing in that check is automatically disqualifying. In fact, some of our mentors have successfully completed the Veterans Court mentor program themselves. Results are strictly confidential.

You will be asked to initially participate in a Navigator class that is conducted by the Arizona Coalition for Military Families, approximately six hours conducted regularly around the state and about four hours of online and in person training and observation. After being qualified as a Mentor, you will be expected to communicate with your assigned veteran on a weekly basis and, where possible, meet when they attend a court session, usually once a month.

There are no guaranteed successes. Some veterans, very few, can’t make it through the program. Most take four, six  or even 12 months to complete a rehabilitative program. However, when you stand next to a veteran who is being recognized by the Veterans Court Judge for successfully completing the program, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment in knowing you have contributed to that success.

Good Luck.